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Reference application

An overview of the successful application of iiMES products in different branches and application areas within Europe is provided below.

Lowering of pollutant emission values of engine - wheel loader LF 12/4 Mining/ underground operation
iiMES OAP engine oil treatment for wear reduction and cleaning of the fuel system
iiMES AFC fuel additive for combustion support
Avoidance of machine downtime by entry of highly abrasive haematite swarfs with an iron content of 98% Mining- processing
Use of iiMES EP2 lubricant for bearing lubrication
Chemical-, Manufacturing- and Steel industry
iiMES EP2 grease and iiMES PAL penetrating lubricant steelworks
Lubrication of cradle bolts of a 105 to pouring crane and kiln shell
Extension of tool service life (HSS drill) industrial services
iiMES PAL for drillings in HastelloyC22
iiMES OAP for the protection of valves in hydraulic systems and lubrication of separable bearing against congestion stainless steel production
iiMES PAL for tapping and drilling of INCONEL-chronit material, increase in productivity and extension of tool service life Engineering
iiMES OAP zur Senkung von Getriebebetriebstemperaturen
iiMES OAP to reduce wear: lubrication of the driving axle and sliding guide of the CNC machine Machine factory/ power plant construction
iiMES PAL for spindle lubrication of engraving machinen at 20.000 UPM with up and down movements Engraving technique
iiMES OAP Equipment rental
Iron extraction iiMES OAP use with gears of tube saws, reduction of default rate from 20% to 0.67% p.a. Construction machine rental
Wear reduction of hydraulic aggregates of pumps iiMES EP2 grease for bearing lubrication of water turbines and e-engines for wear reduction Iron Ore processing
Vehicle and car body construction
iiMES OAP use for drive gears of bus vehicles for noise reduction Gear generation
iiMES OAP for the treatment oh hydraulic systems (blockades respectively squeaking noises) Car body construction
Wood industry
iiMES EP2 lubricating grease to reduce operating temperature of highly stressed bearings from 110°C to 85°C for chip drying ventilators Chipboard plant
iiMES OAP to reduce wear and gearbox temperature of the main gearbox of the particle board press Wooden board production
Treatment of different types of dredgers Earth movements
iiMES OAP engines / Treatment of hydraulic systems for temperature drop
iiMES AFC fuel additive for consumption reduction
iiMES OAP engine and gear treatment of forest machinery to reduce wear and fuel consumption Forest technology
Paper and pulp industry
iiMES PAL for wear reduction of tooth crests / screw steering rack Paper machine production
iiMES OAP in steel construction in comb production
iiMES PAL Wear minimisation of the transport bridge’s rotary disc (1 rotation/min) Paper factory
iiMES EP2 lithium-based lubricating grease for the lubrication of the PM 2 Egoutteur’s roller bearings Paper production
iiMES EP2 lubricating grease: Lubrication of the pulp roof belt dryer’s e-engines Pulp production
iiMES PAL for chain preservation, lubrication of transport rails, as well as anti-blockade of wave protection covers
iiMES EP2 lubricating grease: use for drive shafts of the dewatering machine against moisture and premature wear Paper factory
iiMES PAL calender chain treatment against dust deposit
iiMES OAP wear protection of guide carriage roller brearings Paper machines -
iiMES PAL Surface conservation of grinding machines Production / manufacturing
iiMES EP2 bearing lubrication of a large fan for temperature stabilization and extended service life Pulp production (digester house)
Road construction
iiMES OAP gear treatment against wear Road construction-
iiMES EP2 diverse bearing lubrications Bulk material production
iiMES PAL for chain lubrication against dust deposits
iiMES OAP wear reduction within an aspahlt mixer in drum gear, bucket conveyor gear and mixer and winch gear of the bucket elevator Road construction - maintenance
Cement and construction materials industry
iiMES OAP for vibration reduction, wear minimisation of planetary gear / roller mill Cement plant
iiMES EP2 lubricating grease for bearing lubrication in rotary kiln
iiMES OAP for gear minimisation of plain bearings / crushers for cement production / temperature drop
iiMES PAL/ EP2 Protection of gripping tools of robots for firebricks / of rotary kiln to hearth Fire-proof Material/ production
iiMES PAL wear minimisation of the pusher’s linear guidance aluminium lath transport
iiMES EP2 lubrication of support rollers / filler slide of stone presses
iiMES PAL crane chain treatment as protection again abrasive and aggressive dust deposits Industrial material production
iiMES OAP treatment of the reseuspension container’s drive gear (wear protection) Cable powder production
iiMES PAL lubrication of band filter’s deflexion sheave
iiMES EP2 lubricating grease for bearing lubrication of rotary pump
iiMES OAP lubrication of Kienast conveyor belt gear to reduce operating noise and operating temperature, wear reduction of planetary gears, slat conveyor and clearing wheel Cement plant / stone pit
Diverse applications
iiMES OAP hydraulic cylinder/“anti-jerk“ circulating ropeway Mountain railway
iiMES PAL for splice and rope treatment
iiMES EP2 lubricating grease Plain bearings of sheave batteries
iiMES EP2 lubricating grease engine bearings lubrication of human centrifuge (30 rotations max./min) - flight simulator military/ Europe
iiMES OAP diverse gear treatments of presses for wear reduction Canning factory
iiMES OAP gear lubrication of board latches Window production
iiMES PAL conservation of hinges of vehicle lifting platforms
iiMES OAP Engine and gear treatment of tractors Landscape conservation plant
iiMES EP2 lubricating grease lubricating grease Diverse bearing lubrications
iiMES AFC Fuel additive for consumption reduction
iiMES OAP use for tractor engines as well as for front steering gears, planetary gears and differentials Farm
iiMES EP2 lubricating grease lubrication of universal joints
iiMES OAP engine and gear lubrication of machine saws and forklifts Timber facility