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Your Benefits

With our unique Solutions in Surface Treatment we support you in reducing effort and expenditure as well as increasing your output. Contact us and stay ahead of you competitors.

  • Optimisation of your facilities and products in terms of effectiveness and operational safety
  • Finishing of individual components or the entire facility
  • Increase of life expectancy and resilience
  • Reduction of lubricant consumption
  • Increase of production volume and clock frequencies
  • Prolongation of maintenance intervals
  • Increase of wear protection and reliability
  • Prevention from dirt and adhesion
  • Facilitation of cleaning and purification
  • Reduction of exhaust and sound emission
  • Saving of energy and fuel by reduced friction
  • Lowering of operating noise and temperatures
  • Efficiency gains in a broad range of application

The name iiMES stands for:

  • Optimum lubrication
  • Long-term corrosion protection
  • Destruction-free dismantling
  • Universal use, also under extreme conditions (environmental conditions, temperature)
  • Specific solutions in the field of tribology


iiMES concentrates..

  • ..are applicable on all metal surfaces
  • ..clean the surfaces and displace deposits
  • ..make the surfaces dust and water repellent
  • ..reduce friction by active transformation of the surface structure
  • ..reduce the wear of treated surfaces also in case of enetering of dust and dirt
  • ..protect against corrosion and electrical oxidation
  • ..enable cold starting at up to -40°C
  • ..are hydro-carbon based and free of solids
  • ..build a resistant and flexible micro metal coating from the original metal