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Welcome at iiMES

iiMES offers solutions in the fields of tribology and molecular science to increase energy and material efficiency as well as resource conservation in different industrial branches.

In order to sustainably generate added value for our partners, our focus is on the optimisation of the operational safety of facilities, machines and components, as well as on cost reduction with regard to maintenance and servicing.

Further, by means of our unique key technology, diverse production and product optimisations in view of efficiency and durability will be obtained. As a basic rule, the following applies: where cooling agents and lubricants are used, we can make a valuable contribution to an ecologically sensible, economically valuable and socially advantageous optimization by our product-related treatment of metal surfaces.

By the application of our metal conditioner we significally reduce the following challenges, also under extreme operating and environmental conditions:

  • abrasion
  • vibrations and noise
  • emission
  • heat development
  • corrosion

Our videos provide further information on the functional principle..

The application of our carbo-hydrogen based additives is easily accomplished. Generally, depending on the circumstances, concentrations between 5 to 15 % of the overall cooling- or lubrication volume are applied.

Contact us so that we can help you with the following challenges.

  • Production and product optimisation
  • Increase in productivity and operational safety
  • Optimum protection of machines and facilities
  • Increase of service life and efficiency
  • Minimisation of maintenance and operating costs
  • Reduction of energy and fuel consumption

„Progress happens so fast today, that one who declares something totally unfeasible, is being interrupted by someone else who has already done it.“

Albert Einstein, 1879-1955